This is more About You, not about us.

Every product has a story, and every story begins with a passion;

Hookah story is a long one, but, we decided to make a change in some chapters, hoping you can enjoy the story and the experience.

You might be thinking, but my hookah experience is perfect! What could be better?

The answer is simple, you can never know what is better unless you open a new door, and you need to be ready to open it. What we recommend is you try one of our products, to have an idea what’s been hiding behind that door.

Enjoy Gemini

About Our Work

Our mission

One of the most amazing and relaxing experiences is the hookah experience. Yet, there are many unseen glitches in the hookah industry. We decided to start solving those issues top to bottom.

Our vision 

With Gemini, the hookah will never be the same again. It will be an unmatched experience for you to enjoy.