Why Gemini?

Because the flavor will blow your mind away!



When we say Gemini helps save tobacco, then what we are trying to say here, is that, Gemini helps you save money.

Gemini is designed to work differently, and by design, it requires less tobacco.

Unlike ordinary hookah bowls, in Gemini, the tobacco has to be spread lightly and not stacked. Stacking the tobacco will not give you the best experience anyway.

By using less tobacco in Gemini, you will not get less flavor or less smoke, or even less smoking time. On the contrary, now, you will be saving more tobacco and getting a BETTER smoking experience than ever before.

You can also save more tobacco by using the Bowl Divider, which is a silicone accessory that you can insert inside the bowl, so you can fill half the bowl only.

Full bowl smoking time is around 2 hours – 16 gr of tobacco needed

Half bowl smoking time is around 1 hour – 8 gr of tobacco needed

Do not forget to dry your tobacco properly and remove excess juices.

Enjoy Gemini

Gemini Hookah Accessories


Gemini Hookah Bowl


Gemini was designed to be the best heat management device in the world, because, now, you can control the amount of heat on your bowl in every possible way, and in such a precision that has never been achieved before.

You can do that by adding, moving or removing Charcoals on the tray; you can manage the heat by moving them closer to, or farther away from the hookah bowl, to get the desired smoke and heat intensity.

You can also manage the heat by rotating the tray around the bowl making the tobacco burn gradually and fully enjoying every bit of its flavor.

Enjoy Gemini



Gemini is the first hookah bowl in the world that uses lateral heating; the charcoals are no longer on top of the hookah bowl, but placed on the tray beside the bowl, heating the bowl sideways.

With this new concept, the bowl will be heated in a moderate way; no more overheating of the tobacco, and in the process Gemini minimizes the effect of CO emissions.

Ash will no longer be falling on your tobacco nor your bowl, keeping the tobacco flavor pure and enjoyable all the time.

Also the charcoal never touches the bowl, so it does not burn the tobacco anymore, it only heats it up, giving you the best fresh flavor ever.

So, from now on, you can forget about soar throats and overheating or burning the tobacco.

Enjoy Gemini

Gemini Hookah Lateral Heating


Gemini Hookah Flavor Booster Bowl


Gemini bowl is fully perforated; So, when the hot air flows through the burning tobacco, carrying the smoke with it, cold air flows through the fresh and unburned tobacco from the other side of the bow, carrying with it the fresh aroma of the tobacco and mixing it with the smoke, giving you a flavor boost and a more genuine taste of the tobacco.

This will add freshness to the smoke, giving you the purest flavor or the tobacco, and for the first time in your life, you will experience the true taste of your tobacco.

Enjoy Gemini


Rotate and Restart

When the part of the tobacco that is facing the charcoal becomes fully consumed and dry, and the smoke intensity becomes lesser, you can use this heat management device in its best option.

You can simply rotate the tray to a new position, where the charcoals are now facing another section of the bowl, where the tobacco is still fresh, so you can restart a new full smoking session.

The Rotate and Restart feature of Gemini will guarantee you no wastage of tobacco inside the bowl, as you will be able to smoke every bit of the tobacco.

To make this option easier, we have added marking dots( o oo ooo) on the ring around the bowl, so you can keep track of the tray positions. Be careful when rotating the tray, because the tray handle may be very hot, so we advise you to use the tongs to rotate the tray.

Enjoy Gemini

Gemini Hookah Bowls


Gemini Hookah Cooling Effect Bowl


Gemini bowl is fully perforated, so, the hot air coming from the charcoal side, is always mixed with cooler air coming from the other direction of the bowl.

This will cool down the hot smoke, eliminating any soar throat effect and putting and end to the overheating or burning the tobacco, giving you the best smoking experience and allowing you to enjoy the true fresh taste of your tobacco.

Enjoy Gemini



Gemini has a silicon adapter accessory that helps it fit to most hookah models.

Gemini originally fits on an Egyptian hookah model.

If you add the adapter it will easily fit to a glass model and if you add the extra piece to the adapter it will fit on a classical hookah model.

Enjoy Gemini

Gemini Fit Most Hookah


Gemini Hookah Bowls


All you need to change the Gemini bowl is to lift it up with the Gemini tongs place it on the special stand and replace it with the other bowl in a simple step!

The Gemini tongs are specifically designed for safety of changing the bowls as well as their amazing grip on charcoal.

Be careful when changing bowls, because the used bowl is usually very hot, and for that reason always use the tongs to remove it; and always use the changing stand to place it on, to avoid burning any surfaces that you might place the hot bowl on.

Enjoy Gemini



Cleanest Filling: we have invented the tobacco funnel, a simple silicon accessory that helps you fill the bowl easily; it keeps your working station clean and eliminates any tobacco wastage.

Cleanest Smoking: Inside the bowl, we have eliminated the bottom hole and replaced it with an elevated chimney. This elevated chimney will only allow the smoke through, and it will prevent any tobacco pieces or juices to leak into your hookah, thus keeping your hookah and its water clean at all time.

Cleanest Smoke: Always check the top cap of the bowl after each smoking sessions, try to wipe it from the inside and see how much smoke residue Gemini traps.

Easiest Cleaning: Gemini is a very easy and simple to clean, when the bowl has cooled down, you can simply remove all content with your finger in a simple swipe.

Enjoy Gemini

Gemini Hookah Bowls


Gemini Hookah Bowls


There is no need to squeeze any of Gemini components; they simply fit smoothly together.

Gemini is made from pure aluminum alloy; Aluminum being a hard and smooth metal, gives an additional comfort to Gemini.

Fit the base on your hookah, use the adapter if needed, insert the tray above the base and then plug the bowl

Enjoy Gemini